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1984 Riots Victims

Jammu and Kashmir Migrants

Payments in ‘hit and run’ cases from Solatium Fund

Persons affected by natural calamities like flood, fire etc.

Victims of Major Disaters .

1984 Riots Victims
1. Relief is given to families of persons killed in 1984 riots at the rate of Rs. 1000/- per month.
2. The total payment for death has been enhanced to Rs. 3,50,000/- in accordance with the judgement of Hon’ble Delhi High Court in the case Bhajan Kaur vs. Delhi Administration. Such enhanced compensation is being paid in all cases. The next-of-kin can apply for such payment to the concerned Deputy Commissioner, in whose jurisdiction the death took place. After enquiry, the recommendation of the Dy. Commissioner is placed before a Screening Committee which decides whether the payment is to be made.

Jammu and Kashmir Migrants
1. Cash relief is given to Kashmiri Migrants at the rate of Rs.800/- per head per month subject to a ceiling of Rs.3200/- per family of four or more persons with effect from 1st July, 2003. The payment is made on a monthly basis by the office of Deputy Commissioner in whose jurisdiction the persons reside.

Payments in ‘hit and run’ cases from Solatium Fund

In case of death of a person in a road accident where the vehicle involved in the accident is untraceable, a payment of Rs.25,000/- is paid to the family of the deceased person by Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. from Solatium Fund. In case a person sustains grievous injury, Rs.12,500/- is paid from Solatium Fund.

Q. Where do I have to go and during which hours?

To the office of Sub-Divisional Magistrate in whose jurisdiction the accident took place, during 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on any working day. Application is to be submitted within 180 days from the date of accident. Delay, if any, will require condonation from SDM and beyond one year, from Deputy Commissioner. Click Here to obtain the contact address of the SDM in whose jurisdiction your colony lies.

Q. Which papers/documents, do I take with me?

1. Death Certificate. (in case of death)
2. Medico Legal Certificate (in case of grievous injury)
3. Copy of F.I.R.
4. Copy of Post Mortem Report (in case of death)

Q. What will be the criteria used while deciding my case?

The SDM verifies the particulars given in application from the SHO of the concerned Police Station. Statement of the applicant is recorded. In case of injuries, a letter is issued to the hospital where the person was examined, for an opinion whether the person sustained grievous injury or simple injury. If as per doctor’s report the injury is grievous then an amount of Rs.12,500/- is paid. In case of minor injury, no compensation is paid. Based on this information, the case is put up to the Deputy Commissioner for sanction. After the sanction order is issued, the payment is released by Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., 86-88, Janpath, New Delhi-110 001.

Q. When will I get a response?

You should be getting a response normally within 30 days. Persons affected by natural calamities like flood, fire etc. The office of Deputy Commissioner takes emergency relief measures in case of floods, fire in jhuggi jhonpri clusters and other natural calamities. Cash relief of Rs.1,000/- is distributed as a compensation for each jhuggi destroyed in fire.

Relief for death/injury is distributed at the following rates:-

1) Communal Riots

Death Case Rs.1,00,000/- In each case
Permanent incapacitation Rs.50,000/- In each case

2) Bomb Blasts accidents

Death Rs.1,00,000/- In each case
Permanent incapacitation Rs.50,000/- In each case
Serious injury Rs.20,000/- In each case
Minor injury Rs.1,000/- In each case

3) Fire and other accidents

Death (Major) Rs.1,00,000/- In each case
Death (Minor) Rs.50,000/- In each case
Serious injury Rs.20,000/- In each case
Minor injury - Rs.1,000/- In each case

The payment is made out of LG/CM Relief Fund after obtaining approval of Chief Minister/Lt. Governor.

Relief is given for loss of property as follows:-

1. Loss of property








2. Damage to residential unit (in riots)

Total damage Rs.20,000/-
Substantial damage Rs.10,000/-
Minor damage Rs.2,000/-

3. Uninsured commercial property/commercial articles

50% of the loss upto a maximum of Rs. 50,000/-

4. Damage to property (in case of fire)

Total damage to a jhuggi - Rs. 1000/- per case.

Victims of Major Disater

The office of Deputy Commissioner took emergency relief measures in case of major disaters like Uphaar Cinema and Wazirabad tragedies.

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